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"Without Jai and the Urban Dove, I would not be an Assistant Vice President at Barclays."



Urban Dove is more than “just a program,” we are a part of each and every one of our students’ lives. After high school graduation, college enrollment, and even after college graduation, we keep in touch with our UD Alumni and continuously work to energize, educate, and empower by offering the following programs:

Graduating high school seniors who complete the UD-High School Programs are eligible to apply for scholarships based solely on their participation and growth within the program. Urban Dove has awarded up to $20,000 a year to graduating high school seniors enrolled in college.

Social Networking 
In an effort to provide continued support, positive peer fellowship, and role models for our alumni, we organize trips and events including (but not limited to) Broadway plays, dinners, movies, ice-skating, bowling, billiards, ping-pong and family game nights. We keep the lines of communication open as our students embrace adulthood.

Alumni Visits
Many of our alumni go away for college and we visit them in their first year as college freshmen. It is important that we see them, check out their new living space and check in on them during this transition to let them know they have our support, even when they are not in New York.

Transfer Assistance 
For students interested in transferring to colleges and universities out of the city or to Bachelor’s degree granting institutions, we host group and individual sessions that get them started on the transfer process. They begin each session with a re-assessment of their goals and leave each session with a comprehensive timeline and list of next steps.

Senior Weekend Retreat, Camp Witatoh
Each year we bring our current high school teens, our graduating high school seniors and our college enrolled/graduated alumni together at our summer camp in the Berkshires. Together, we honor and award the graduating high school seniors with the coveted black UD Hoody that can only be worn by graduating seniors in good and active standing with Urban Dove.

Also awarded is the elite white UD Hoody that can only be worn by college graduating alumni who earn their 4-year BA/BS degree. During this ceremony, past and present “UD’ers” share memories and congratulate each other for all they have done and all that they represent!

Job Assistance/Internships
We assist alumni with finding gainful employment and internship opportunities throughout the academic year. We search for and refer them to opportunities that match their career goals. Many UD Alumni, if eligible, become paid UD Site Assistants for the HiRisers Program while they continue their studies in college. Other UD Alumni have gained the skills needed to go on to work in industries such as marketing, education, finance/accounting and management administration through Urban Dove programs.

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