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"Urban Dove has given me experiences I will remember forever: my first job, the opportunity to see the world outside of New York City, and they taught me that you don't have to be someone else to be somebody."


  • finaleWe serve nearly 500 kids each year ages 8-18 
  • In the past 5 years, 100% of our teenagers graduated from high school 
  • 100% were accepted to college
  • Last year, 100% of our Alumni matriculated from their first year of college to their second
  • We help 70% of our teenagers improve their academic performance
  • Over 200 kids attend the summer camp annually – and 78% of them experience their first time away from home at sleep away camp
  • 80% of our youth have their first jobs with Urban Dove
  • 240: is this year's average SAT score increase for juniors attending UD’s SAT Prep
  • 100% of the youth involved in our programs are New York City public school students: 95% are minorities and nearly 80% come from low-income families
  • Elementary/Middle school students receive over 300 hours of free after school programming during the school year, and over 350 hours of free programming in the summer
    • 8 hours of mentoring each week in the after school program and 350 hours during the summer
    • 45 minutes of academic help each day during the after school program and 6 hours each week during the summer

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