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In 1998, Jai Nanda, now Urban Dove's Executive Director, was a coach and a teacher looking to extend his influence beyond the court and a single team of players. Noting the positive impact athletics had on his students both inside and outside the classroom, he started programs that used sports, health, and fitness, to engage and educate - teaching at-risk youth the critical skills needed to suceed. Now in its 15th year of operation, Urban Dove has a wide range of programs that serve hundreds of youth in schools and communities throughout New York City.

In 2012, the Urban Dove Team Charter School launched to help the vulnerable, growing population of transfer students. UD Team Charter School is the first-ever, alternative high school for over-aged, under-credited youth in NYC.  Through a sports, health, and fitness curriculum, layered with a career and technical program, Urban Dove is expanding its reach to energize, educate, and empower youth.

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